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About Me

About Me

Not your average girl next door 😜😘⁣

In fact, there is no such thing. 🚫
Why do we feel the need to put people in neat boxes with labels that void them of their individuality and identity? 🤷‍♀️⁣

🙊 I'm an introvert but an extrovert. 🎤⁣
😳 I'm naive but smart. 🧠⁣
🙏 I'm humble but proud. 🥰⁣
💪 I'm dedicated and disciplined but carefree. 💁‍♀️⁣
💃 I'm energetic but need serious downtime. 😴⁣
👊 I'm dominant and assertive but feminine. 👧⁣
😊 I respect tradition and rules but have a rebellious streak.😜⁣⁣

I'm a beautiful contradiction and I'm going to stay true to myself, no matter what. 💋 ⁣⁣⁣We need realise that it's ok to just be authentically ourselves.


We don't have to fit into a box and if we've been labelled, we can just go ahead and rip that label right off. 💜

⁣⁣I co-wrote my self-titled debut E.P. at the age of just 9, tackling themes such as mental health, finding yourself and achieving your dreams.


⁣⁣I would describe my music as contemporary pop with authentic, heartfelt lyrics, which take you on a raw emotional journey. ⁣I've been influenced by many other recording artists including Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, Lauren Spencer-Smith, Tate McRae and Adele.


I love music. ⁣I also love the connection that music can provide for people and, so, I want to create music where people get THAT kind of connection with my music.


"My favourite feeling in the world is stepping onto the stage and knowing I am home."

Kallea McKee 2023

Singer / Vocalist 

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